Models and code



  • 21cmfish - a python wrapper to 21cmFAST to perform Fisher information matrix analyses.
  • KMOS tools - python software to help post-process KMOS IFU data.
  • The Bayesian Algorithm for Luminosity Function Fitting (BALFF) - python software developed with Kasper Schmidt to fit the UV luminosity function with a Schechter function. The Bayesian formalism which BALFF is build on, avoids binning (and thus smearing) of object samples, includes a likelihood based on the formally correct binomial distribution as opposed to the often-used approximate Poisson distribution, and models the photometric uncertainties of each object in the sample directly. BALFF can also account for the magnification bias of galaxies in the input sample from both strong and weak gravitational lensing by foreground sources.
  • See more on GitHub.