photo of Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason, PhD

Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen
charlotte.mason [at]

My work focuses on understanding “Cosmic Dawn” – when and how did the first galaxies form, what are their connections with the dark matter halos they form in, and how was intergalactic hydrogen reionized? Outside of work I try to spend as much of my time as possible away from a computer, usually in or on water (mostly swimming and rowing).

photo of Ting-Yi Lu

Ting-Yi Lu, MSc

PhD student at University of Copenhagen

Ting-Yi joined DAWN from the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. Her first project is focused on measuring the morphology of Reionization.

photo of Gonzalo Prieto Lyon

Gonzalo Prieto Lyon, MSc

PhD student at University of Copenhagen

Gonzalo joined DAWN from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. His first project is focused on understanding how Lyman alpha emission is produced and escapes high redshift galaxies.

photo of Victoria Strait

Victoria Strait, PhD

DAWN Fellow

Victoria got her PhD under the advisement of Maruša Bradač at the University of California Davis. She is now a DAWN Fellow co-supervising Gonzalo, and is interested in understanding the properties of early galaxies. Outside of work, she enjoys many forms of movement, including biking, climbing, and running.

photo of Anne Hutter

Anne Hutter, PhD

DAWN Fellow

My work focuses on understanding the Epoch of Reionisation with theoretical models and simulations - what was the nature of the first galaxies emerging in our Universe, and how did they evolve? What were their footprints in the ionisation state of the intergalactic hydrogen gas?

former members

photo of Alexa Morales
Alexa Morales
previously: REU student at Center for Astrophysics, from Florida International University
now: Graduate Student, University of Texas, Austin

Alexa modelled the evolution of the Lyman alpha luminosity function during Reionization. Read more in her paper

photo of Lily Whitler
Lily Whitler
previously: REU student at Center for Astrophysics, from Arizona State University
now: NSF Graduate Research Fellow, University of Arizonia

Lily investigated the impact of scatter in the UV luminosity - halo mass relation on the the visibility of Lyman alpha emission during Reionization. Read more in her paper


DAWN hires postdoc Fellows and PhD students yearly and we also can host visitors. My group has openings for postdocs, PhD and MSc students at the Niels Bohr Institute. Inquiries from people interested in working at DAWN and/or applying for independent research funding in Denmark are very welcome. I am always interested in collaborating with new people.


I am grateful for the support of my research from a number of sources. My group is currently supported by VILLUM FONDEN via a Villum Young Investigator grant (37459). My research has previously been supported by NASA Headquarters through the NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship Program Grant NNX16AO85H, and through the NASA Hubble Fellowship grant HST-HF2-51413.001-A awarded by the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc., for NASA, under contract NAS5-26555.